Daily Archives: March 5, 2019

YPO nomme Elizabeth Zucker en qualité de Présidente 2019/2020

DALLAS, 05 mars 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aujourd’hui, YPO, l’organisation mondiale de leadership de premier rang de chefs d’entreprise, a annoncé l’élection d’Elizabeth Zucker au plus haut poste élu d’YPO soit au poste de présidente du Conseil d’administration d’YPO pour 2019/2020. Zucker est le 68e membre à occuper ce poste et succédera à Pascal Gerken, […]

YPO nomeia Elizabeth Zucker como Presidente para o biênio 2019-2020

DALLAS, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hoje, a YPO, principal organização de liderança de diretores-executivos do mundo, anunciou a eleição de Elizabeth Zucker para o mais alto cargo eletivo da YPO, o de presidente para o biênio 2019-2020 do Conselho de Diretores da YPO. Zucker é a 68ª membro a ocupar esse posto e sucederá o atual […]

Daily Mail GH partners with Asianet-Pakistan for global distribution of editorial content

Daily Mail GH, the premier source of news from Ghana, has signed a partnership agreement with Asianet-Pakistan, one of the oldest content distribution companies in the world. Currently distributing over 300 leading newspapers, news agencies, magazines and journals from 25 countries around the world, Asianet-Pakistan will facilitate the global syndication of Daily Mail GH’s rich […]

Streets of Khartoum Deserted in Response to Call for Strike

CAIRO, EGYPT The Sudanese Trade Union Association and several opposition parties issued a call for a one-day general strike on Tuesday, excluding critical fields like pharmacies and hospitals. Witness reports in the capital Khartoum and its sister city…

Hands Off! Kenyan Slum Dwellers Unite to Protect City Dam

KIBERA, KENYA It is Friday morning, and the southeastern fringe of Kibera slum comes alive as teams of women and youngsters converge on the edge of the Nairobi dam.There, on its northern perimeter, some rake and pile garbage for collection while others…

Accuses Uganda of Supporting Rebels

KIGALI Rwanda on Tuesday accused Uganda of supporting rebel groups opposed to President Paul Kagame’s government, amid a resurgence of hostility between the African neighbors.Relations between the two nations soured last week after Rwanda blocked Ugand…