Daily Archives: January 30, 2019

Sanofi: Fexinidazole, the first all-oral treatment for sleeping sickness, approved in Democratic Republic of Congo

Fexinidazole will contribute to international efforts to eliminate sleeping sickness, a fatal neglected tropical disease endemic to Africa, by 2020 It is the first all-oral treatment for sleeping sickness, and is effective for both stages of the disease Democratic Republic of Congo bears the majority of the sleeping sickness disease burden, with around 85% of […]

Sanofi : Le fexinidazole, premier traitement entièrement par voie orale contre la maladie du sommeil, approuvé en République Démocratique du Congo

Le fexinidazole contribuera aux efforts déployés à l’échelle internationale en vue d’éliminer la maladie du sommeil – une maladie tropicale négligée, fatale et endémique en Afrique – à l’horizon 2020 Premier médicament entièrement par voie orale efficace contre les deux phases de la maladie du sommeil La République Démocratique du Congo est le pays où […]

Africa’s Renewable-power Surge Faces Challenge: Too Few Workers

KIGALI, RWANDA / NAIROBI, KENYA In sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 600 million people still lack access to electricity, off-grid renewable power is seen as one of the fastest ways to get energy where it’s needed, particularly to remote and rural …

7 European Nations End Latest Mediterranean Standoff Over Migrants

ROME After spending close to two weeks at sea because no country would allow them to disembark, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said 47 migrants on the Dutch-flagged Sea-Watch 3 finally would come off that vessel. Europe had been arguing over t…